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Today couples are choosing video as the primary means of recording their wedding day. A wedding video or DVD is an exquisite way to preserve those wonderful images - and sounds! - and to capture all the action and emotion of the day.

First we capture it.

From a sunny garden wedding to a dimly lit church, using professional cameras, expert videographers, and our wide knowledge of Perth's churches, gardens and reception centres, Video Concepts ensures a superb image for your wedding video regardless of location.

We also use discreet, broadcast quality wireless microphones that deliver a clean recording of everything you want to hear, from those important vows through to dance floor antics and friendly wedding day banter. It's the most special day of your life - capture and preserve the best of it for yourself, your family, and your children. We can film all or part of your wedding day - as you wish - with prices starting from $495.00.

Then we edit what we have:

It's your day, and we want to ensure your video is exactly what you want. We can leave in as much or as little of the footage from the day as you want . We edit until it's perfect. Then we add a sound track of your choice and manipulate and blend the images until your wedding video becomes a seamless and emotive story of your day.

Our specialty is tailoring the production to the style of your wedding and we provide you with a free consultation service to ensure that your day is captured perfectly.

We will edit your wedding according to your choices. Editing styles are many and varied - from having a focus on romance to a contemporary edit, incorporating all the live sound from the day to choreographing the vision with your favourite music, using special effects - anything is possible.

Finally, we produce your DVD:

This provides you with an interactive package with graphically designed motion menus, interactive scene selections and personalised discs and covers - the way a DVD is meant to be.

We have more than a decade of experience producing wedding videos of all styles and lengths, from a short memento of the occasion to a full-length movie of your most special of days.

We provide the best in friendly and creative editing services. We will work with you to give you the best wedding day memories.

Contact Video Concepts today. We would love to discuss your wedding with you.